C-NO INSECTS 4c-field

4C-Field Is a Novel method for control of Spider mites, thrips and fungus gnats. The non-toxic natural product creates a static field that disrupts every part of the insect’s life cycle. The plant will be clear of infestation within 72 hours of application. 4C-Field Also eliminates Fungi, bacteria and viruses.

4C-Field is a ready to use Foliar spray which is 100% effective.
4C-Field used successfully should cover the whole of the plant, tops and bottoms of leaves, stems and top of the growing medium. The product can be used up to 2 weeks before harvest.
There will be a slight powder residue left on the plant creating the static field.

4C-Field is 100% natural.
4C-Field is not harmful to humans or the environment.
4C-Field is effective for 2 weeks. Insects cannot become resistant to static charge.
4C-Field is available in 1, 5, 10 and 20 litre ready to use bottles.

Directions for use:

* Shake the bottle before use.
* Fill your spray tank with 4C-Field.
* Spray 15 minutes before lights go off.
* Don’t use more than once every 2 weeks.

4C-Field Can be used on all indoor plants.
4C-field should be stored at room temperature.

Ingredients: Water (95%) minerals (5%).